India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup : Legendary Showdowns and Unforgettable Matches

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The biggest cricket rivalry is back as India and Pakistan get ready to face off in the ICC T20 World Cup on Sunday, June 9, in New York. This will be the ninth time the two teams play against each other in the T20 World Cup. India has won six of the eight matches so far, while Pakistan’s only win came in the 2021 tournament.

Even though Pakistan lost to India in the group stage, they made it to the final, where they were defeated by England, led by Jos Buttler. Both teams have won the T20 World Cup in the past. India won the first tournament in 2007, beating Pakistan in the final. Pakistan won their first title in 2009 by defeating Sri Lanka.

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will be hosted in the West Indies and the US. There will be 20 teams playing 55 matches. With a history of exciting and dramatic matches, India vs Pakistan match promises to be another unforgettable encounter, thrilling cricket fans all over the world.

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup: Unforgettable Matches

Let’s delve into each of these legendary showdowns and unforgettable matches between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

1. The Inaugural Clash: T20 World Cup 2007

  • This match marked the first-ever encounter between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, which took place during the inaugural tournament in 2007.
  • Led by MS Dhoni, Team India emerged victorious in this high-stakes encounter, ultimately clinching the tournament title.
  • The match gained immense significance due to its thrilling conclusion via a bowl-out, a unique method to determine the winner in case of a tie in the T20 format at that time.
  • India’s win in this match set a precedent for their dominance over Pakistan in subsequent T20 World Cup encounters, laying the foundation for an intense rivalry between the two cricketing giants in the shortest format of the game.

2. The Nail-Biter: T20 World Cup 2012

  • This match, held during the 2012 T20 World Cup in Colombo, showcased an intense battle between India and Pakistan.
  • Pakistan set a challenging target for India with a competitive total, putting pressure on the Indian batsmen.
  • However, Virat Kohli’s remarkable innings of 78 runs off 61 balls proved to be the turning point, guiding India to a thrilling victory.
  • Kohli’s masterful performance under pressure earned him accolades and contributed significantly to India’s success in this crucial encounter.

3. The High-Stakes Encounter: T20 World Cup 2016

  • Taking place in Kolkata during the 2016 T20 World Cup, this match was characterized by its high-stakes nature and weather interruptions.
  • Despite weather challenges, Pakistan managed to set a modest target for India, creating an opportunity for an exciting chase.
  • Once again, Virat Kohli showcased his batting prowess, playing a pivotal role in India’s successful pursuit of the target.
  • India’s victory in this match further solidified their reputation as a dominant force in T20 cricket and added another chapter to their storied rivalry with Pakistan in ICC tournaments.

4. The Classic Encounter: 2007 World Cup Final

  • The final of the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007 remains etched in cricketing history as one of the most memorable India-Pakistan clashes.
  • With India setting a challenging target, the match came down to a tense final over where every ball was crucial.
  • Joginder Sharma, a relatively unknown bowler at the time, was entrusted with the responsibility of bowling the final over for India.
  • Misbah-ul-Haq’s daring attempt to scoop the ball for a boundary in the last over ended in a catch, securing India’s victory in a nail-biting finish.

5. The Group Stage Thriller: 2021 T20 World Cup

  • The 2021 T20 World Cup match witnessed Pakistan breaking their World Cup jinx against India in a group stage thriller.
  • Pakistan’s dominant performance, led by Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, ensured a historic victory over their arch-rivals.
  • This match marked Pakistan’s first-ever World Cup win against India, making it a significant moment in their cricketing history and adding a new chapter to the age-old rivalry between the two nations.

Each of these matches contributed to the rich tapestry of the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, showcasing moments of skill, drama, and unparalleled excitement that captivated cricket fans around the world.

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Head-to-head records: India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup

Head-to-head records: India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup

Players to watch in India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024.

  1. Virat Kohli (India): Despite debates about his strike rate, Kohli’s leadership and batting prowess make him India’s key player in the T20 format.
  2. Suryakumar Yadav (India): A dynamic middle-order batsman, Yadav’s aggressive style adds firepower to India’s lineup, showcased by his performances in recent matches.
  3. Shivam Dube (India): As an all-rounder, Dube’s ability with both bat and ball provides depth to India’s squad, evident from his impactful performances in the IPL.
  4. Yashasvi Jaiswal (India): A young opener known for his explosive batting, Jaiswal’s recent form in domestic cricket signals his potential impact in the T20 World Cup.
  5. Jasprit Bumrah (India): India’s premier fast bowler, Bumrah’s pace and accuracy make him a formidable opponent, capable of taking wickets in crucial moments.
  6. Babar Azam (Pakistan): The prolific opener and captain, Babar Azam, leads Pakistan with his formidable batting and leadership skills.
  7. Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan): With his pace and swing, Afridi poses a significant threat to opposing batsmen, spearheading Pakistan’s bowling attack.
  8. Mohammad Rizwan (Pakistan): A reliable wicketkeeper-batsman, Rizwan brings stability and experience to Pakistan’s lineup, known for his ability to perform under pressure.
  9. Iftikhar Ahmed (Pakistan): Known for his aggressive batting and useful off-spin, Ahmed adds versatility to Pakistan’s squad.
  10. Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan): Zaman’s explosive batting style makes him an exciting prospect for Pakistan, capable of turning the game around with his big hits.


The legendary rivalry between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup has produced unforgettable moments of cricketing drama and excitement. With India’s historical dominance and Pakistan’s recent breakthrough, anticipation for their upcoming clash in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 is at an all-time high.

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FAQ’s ?

Who won more T20 matches, India or Pakistan?

India has won more T20 matches against Pakistan. Out of the total T20 matches played between the two teams, India has won 6 matches, while Pakistan has won 1 match.

How many times have India and Pakistan faced each other in the T20 World Cup?

India and Pakistan have faced each other 8 times in the T20 World Cup.

When is the next India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match?

The next India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match is scheduled for Sunday, June 9, in New York, as part of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024.

How can I play fantasy sports for the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match?

You can play fantasy sports for the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match on platforms like Vision11. Simply sign up, create your team, and start playing to enhance your cricketing experience

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