Oman vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 20th Match Prediction and Fantasy Cricket Tips

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Get ready for an exhilarating showdown between Oman and Scotland in the Men’s World Cup 2024. Taking place at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium on June 9th at 10:30 PM, this clash promises high-octane action and intense competition. Stay tuned for predictions and fantasy cricket tips as these two teams battle it out for supremacy on the cricketing stage.

Oman vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 20th Match Details

Date: 9th June, 2024
Day: Sunday
Venue: Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua, North Sound
Time: 10:30 PM

Oman vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 Team/Squad

Oman Men’s World Cup Team/Squad

  • Aqib Sulheri (C)
  • Kashyap Prajapati
  • Shoaib Khan
  • Pratik Athavale
  • Khalid Kail
  • Zeeshan Maqsood
  • Shakeel Ahmed
  • Ayaan Khan
  • Mehran Khan
  • Rafiullah
  • Naseem Khushi
  • Mohammad Nadeem
  • Bilal Khan
  • Fayyaz Butt
  • Kaleemullah

Scotland Men’s World Cup Team/Squad

  • Richie Berrington (C)
  • George Munsey
  • Michael Jones
  • Olie Hairs
  • Michael Leask
  • Brandon McMullen
  • Jack Jarvis
  • Matthew Cross
  • Charlie Tear
  • Safyaan Sharif
  • Christopher Sole
  • Brad Wheal
  • Mark Watt
  • Bradley Currie
  • Chris Greaves

Oman vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 Match Prediction

In the upcoming clash between Oman and Scotland in the Men’s World Cup 2024, both teams are poised to exhibit a display of cricketing prowess. Oman, led by Aqib Ilyas Sulehri, aims to defy expectations and leave a lasting impression in the tournament, while Scotland, under the leadership of Richie Berrington, seeks to leverage its resilience and potential to make a mark on the global stage. The match is anticipated to be a closely contested battle, with both teams vying for victory.

Oman Predicted Team Performance

Led by the dynamic Aqib Ilyas Sulehri, Oman boasts a lineup brimming with talent and determination. Sulehri’s all-round capabilities, coupled with the consistent batting prowess of Zeeshan Maqsood and the wicket-taking ability of Bilal Khan, provide Oman with a well-rounded team composition. With a strong desire to excel on the global stage, Oman is expected to showcase a spirited performance, aiming to challenge Scotland and assert its presence in the tournament.

Scotland Predicted Team Performance

Scotland enters the fray with a blend of experienced campaigners and emerging talents, led by the seasoned Richie Berrington. Berrington’s batting prowess, complemented by the proficient bowling of Mark Watt and the wicket-taking ability of Chris Sole, bolsters Scotland’s chances in the tournament. With a resilient mindset and a determination to succeed, Scotland is poised to deliver a competitive performance against Oman, aiming to secure a crucial victory.

Players to Watch in 20th Match of Men’s World Cup

  1. Aqib Ilyas Sulehri (Oman): Sulehri’s all-round prowess makes him a pivotal figure for Oman, capable of making impactful contributions with both bat and ball. His performance will be instrumental in determining Oman’s fortunes in the match.
  2. Richie Berrington (Scotland): As Scotland’s linchpin, Berrington’s consistency as a batsman ensures valuable contributions to the team. His ability to anchor the innings will be crucial for Scotland’s success in the match.
  3. Zeeshan Maqsood (Oman): A vital cog in Oman’s middle order, Maqsood’s consistency with the bat provides stability to the team’s lineup. His ability to build partnerships will be essential for Oman’s batting prospects.
  4. Mark Watt (Scotland): Watt’s left-arm orthodox bowling adds potency to Scotland’s bowling attack. His ability to contain the opposition batsmen and pick up crucial wickets will be pivotal for Scotland’s chances in the match.
  5. Bilal Khan (Oman): With his knack for picking up wickets, Khan’s left-arm pace poses a significant threat to the opposition. His ability to strike early blows will be crucial for Oman’s bowling unit in the match.
  6. Chris Sole (Scotland): Sole’s prowess in taking wickets at crucial junctures makes him a valuable asset for Scotland. His ability to maintain pressure on the opposition batsmen will be key to Scotland’s bowling strategy in the match.

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Pitch Report

The pitch at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium offers average conditions for pace bowlers, providing some bounce and movement off the surface. Batsmen can expect a fair contest, but need to be cautious of seam movement. Spinners may find some assistance, but it’s not overly favorable. In the first innings, teams average 121 runs with 9 wickets falling, while in the second innings, the average runs decrease slightly to 113 with fewer wickets lost, indicating a slightly easier batting conditions later in the match.

Oman vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 Fantasy Cricket Tips

  • Key Players: Focus on selecting all-rounders like Aqib Ilyas Sulehri (Oman) and Richie Berrington (Scotland) for their potential to contribute with both bat and ball.
  • Pitch Analysis: Anticipate average conditions for pace bowlers with some bounce. Consider spinners who can exploit any assistance on offer.
  • Strategy: Opt for a balanced team composition with players from both batting and bowling departments. Prioritize players who can adapt to the conditions and perform consistently.
  • Prediction: Expect a closely contested match with both Oman and Scotland showcasing their strengths. However, Oman might have a slight edge due to their determined performance.
  • Key Focus: Look for players who have a history of performing well under pressure situations. Consider recent form and past performances when making your fantasy cricket team selections.

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FAQ’s ?

When and where will the Oman vs Scotland Men's World Cup 2024 20th match take place?

The match is scheduled for June 9th, 2024, at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua, North Sound, starting at 10:30 PM local time.

Who are the key players to watch in the Oman vs Scotland Men's World Cup 2024 match?

Key players to watch include Aqib Ilyas Sulehri and Zeeshan Maqsood for Oman, and Richie Berrington and Mark Watt for Scotland.

What is the predicted outcome of the Oman vs Scotland Men's World Cup 2024 match?

Expect a closely contested match with Oman having a slight edge due to their determined performance, but both teams are likely to showcase their strengths.

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