Namibia vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 12th Match Prediction and Fantasy Cricket Tips

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Welcome to the thrilling encounter between Namibia and Scotland in the 12th match of the Men’s World Cup 2024 at Kensington Oval, Barbados. As the cricketing giants clash on June 7th at 12:30 AM, fans can anticipate an intense battle filled with strategic plays and breathtaking moments. Both teams, Namibia and Scotland, will bring their A-game to the pitch, aiming to secure a crucial victory in this high-stakes tournament. Stay tuned for expert predictions and fantasy cricket tips to make informed choices as you follow this gripping encounter.

Namibia vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 12th Match Details

Date: 7th June, 2024
Day: Friday
Venue: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
Time: 12:30 AM

Namibia vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 Team/Squad

Namibia Men’s World Cup Team/Squad

  • Gerhard Erasmus (C)
  • Jack Brassell
  • Nikolaas Davin
  • Malan Kruger
  • Peter-Daniel Blignaut
  • David Wiese
  • Michael Van Lingen
  • JJ Smit
  • Jan Frylinck
  • Dylan Leicher
  • Zane Green
  • JP Kotze
  • Ruben Trumpelmann
  • Bernard Scholtz
  • Ben Shikongo

Scotland Men’s World Cup Team/Squad

  • Richie Berrington (C)
  • George Munsey
  • Michael Jones
  • Olie Hairs
  • Michael Leask
  • Brandon McMullen
  • Jack Jarvis
  • Matthew Cross
  • Charlie Tear
  • Safyaan Sharif
  • Christopher Sole
  • Brad Wheal
  • Mark Watt
  • Bradley Currie
  • Chris Greaves

Namibia vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 Match Prediction

The clash between Namibia and Scotland in the Men’s World Cup 2024 promises an enthralling encounter filled with excitement and anticipation. Both teams bring their unique strengths to the table, making it a match to watch out for. Let’s delve into the predicted performances of both teams and analyze their key players.

Namibia Predicted Team Performance

Namibia’s journey in the World Cup commenced with a thrilling victory over Oman in the first Super Over seen in T20 World Cup since 2012. Their spirited performance against Oman showcased their determination and capability to compete at the highest level. Led by a dynamic blend of talent, Namibia boasts players like Jan Frylinck, whose stellar batting performance anchored their innings. Notably, Ruben Trumpelmann’s historic achievement of taking two wickets off the first two balls of the match set the tone for Namibia’s dominance. With such remarkable feats, Namibia enters the match against Scotland with confidence and vigor, aiming to replicate their winning momentum.

Scotland Predicted Team Performance

Scotland, a team known for its resilience and potential, prepares to face Namibia in the Men’s World Cup 2024 with aspirations of making a mark on the global stage. Positioned in Group B alongside formidable opponents, Scotland aims to leverage the leadership of Richie Berrington, a seasoned campaigner renowned for his batting prowess. Supported by players like Mark Watt, whose proficient bowling adds depth to the team’s arsenal, Scotland presents a formidable challenge to their adversaries. Additionally, the inclusion of Chris Sole bolsters Scotland’s bowling attack, enhancing their ability to restrict opponents’ scoring opportunities. With a blend of experienced stalwarts and emerging talents, Scotland is poised to exhibit a spirited performance and stake their claim in the tournament.

Players to Watch in 12th Match of Men’s World Cup

  • Gerhard Erasmus (Namibia) : The Namibian captain is a pivotal performer in both batting and bowling. His presence is crucial for Namibia’s success, especially against tough opponents like England and Australia.
  • David Wiese (Namibia) : Former South African all-rounder Wiese is impactful with both bat and ball. His prowess as a death-phase bowler and power-hitting ability make him a valuable asset for fantasy teams.
  • Bernard Scholtz (Namibia) : Scholtz, the off-spinner, adds depth to Namibia’s bowling attack. His recent form indicates consistent wicket-taking ability, making him a reliable fantasy pick.
  • Richie Berrington (Scotland) : Berrington’s consistency as a batsman ensures valuable fantasy points. His ability to pace innings makes him a reliable run-scorer for fantasy teams.
  • Mark Watt (Scotland) : Watt’s left-arm orthodox bowling is crucial for Scotland’s success. His recent form suggests he can deliver consistent wicket-taking performances in the tournament.
  • Chris Sole (Scotland) : Sole’s knack for taking wickets in crucial stages makes him a rewarding fantasy pick. His recent form indicates he can maintain momentum throughout the tournament.

Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium Pitch Report

At Kensington Oval Cricket Stadium, expect a pitch with consistent bounce and pace, benefiting both batsmen and pace bowlers. Spinners will find sharp turn advantageous. Statistical analysis indicates an average of 156 runs with 6 wickets in the first innings and 140 runs with 7 wickets in the second, reflecting a fair balance between bat and ball.

Namibia vs Scotland Men’s World Cup 2024 Fantasy Cricket Tips

  1. Focus on key players like Gerhard Erasmus and Richie Berrington.
  2. Consider all-rounders like David Wiese for their versatility.
  3. Keep an eye on bowlers such as Bernard Scholtz and Chris Sole for wicket-taking potential.
  4. Choose your captain wisely, balancing consistency and performance.
  5. Aim for a balanced team composition to cover all aspects of the game.

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FAQ’s ?

When is the Namibia vs Scotland Men's World Cup 2024 12th match scheduled?

The match is scheduled to take place on June 7th, 2024, at 12:30 AM .

Where will the Namibia vs Scotland match be held?

The match will be held at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados.

What are some fantasy cricket tips for the Namibia vs Scotland match?

Focus on key players, consider all-rounders for versatility, keep an eye on wicket-taking bowlers, choose your captain wisely, and aim for a balanced team composition.

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