Puneri Paltan vs Patna IKL 10 Semi Final Match: Vision11 Prediction And Analysis

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Puneri Paltan is one of the most successful teams in the 2024 season of IKL. Currently, the team is in the 1st position on the leaderboard and they have demonstrated great gaming prowess. On the other hand, Patna has also shown the best of their capability by winning 11 matches out of 22. Their face-off semifinals as per the Indian Kabaddi League Schedule are going to happen soon.

If you are a Kabaddi lover or a fantasy Kabaddi enthusiast, follow this blog to know a predictive analysis of their performance in the upcoming match.

Puneri Paltan vs Patna IKL 10 Semi-Final Match Details

Date: 28th February
Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Time: 8:00 PM

Puneri Paltan vs Patna IKL 10 Semi-Final Players Overview

The players of both teams are as follows:

Puneri Paltan Kabaddi Squad

Puneri Paltan IKL Raiders

  • Mohit Goyat
  • Akash Shinde
  • Nitin R
  • Pankaj Mohite
  • Aditya Shinde

Puneri Paltan IKL Defenders

  • Tushar Dattaray Adhavade
  • Vahid RezaEimehr
  • Abinesh Nadarajan
  • Sanket Sawant
  • Gaurav Khatri
  • Ishwar
  • Badal Singh
  • Vaibhav Kamble
  • Dadaso Pujari
  • Hardeep

Puneri Paltan All Rounders

  • Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
  • Aslam Mustafa Inamdar
  • Ahmed Enamder

Patna Kabaddi Squad

Patna IKL Raiders

  • Sachin
  • Sandeep Kumar
  • Sudhakar M
  • Manjeet
  • Kunal Mehta
  • Rakesh Narwal
  • Ranjit Naik
  • Zheng-Wei
  • Anuj Kumar
  • Sandeep Kumar

Patna IKL Defenders

  • Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj
  • Deepak Kumar
  • Neeraj Kumar
  • Sajin Chandrasekar
  • Naveen Sharma
  • Krishnan Dhull
  • Mahendra Choudhary
  • Manish
  • Abinand Subhash
  • Sanjay

Patna IKL All Rounders

  • Daniel Odhiambo
  • Rohit
  • Ankit

Puneri Paltan vs Patna IKL 10 Vision11 Match Prediction

As the greatest Indian Kabaddi league is now coming to the final, we have got our semi-finalist teams. Puneri Paltan and Patna are the first pair who will face each other to secure a place in the final battle.

Throughout the league, Puneri Paltan has given a steady performance and Patna also has tried to hold their form by scoring a 50-50 loss and win ratio. Here we have tried to provide a predicted team performance of both teams.

Puneri Paltan Team Predicted Performance

Throughout the season, Puneri Paltan dominated the Kabaddi stage with their stellar performance. Both their raiders and defenders showed immense gaming spirit and gave tough competition to their opponents.

In this match, fans can anticipate the same where the captain Aslam Inamdar along with other raiders like Akash Shinde and Mohit Goyat will set a great offensive front. On the other hand, the defense team led by powerful players like Mohammadreza and Gaurav Khatri will also deliver a great performance without any doubt.

Patna Predicted Performance

Patna is one of the most successful teams in the history of IKL. They have won the trophy three times, however, this season they are currently in 6th position. Hence, their recent encounter with Delhi was quite promising and they won the eliminator round with great zeal.

Therefore, fans can anticipate a great performance from seasoned Patna players like captain Sachin Tanwar, Sudhakar, Manjeet, and Sandeep. Also, the defense players like Ankit Jaglan, and Krishnan Dhull are quite efficient in their strategic game.

Puneri Paltan vs Patna Semi-Final Match General Overview

The head-to-head stats of Puneri Paltan and Patna show that they have played a total of 21 matches where Puneri Paltan won 4 matches but Patna won 13 matches. The rest of the matches were drawn games. They faced each other two times this season and one match was won by Puneri Paltan while the other was a tie. Thus, players should have hope for Puneri Paltan in this match as well.

Hence, Kabaddi is unpredictable. So, you should consider checking the performance, injuries, etc. of players to make the most perfect decisions.


So, hope you have got a brief account of the upcoming semi-final prediction of Puneri Paltan vs Patna from this blog. Now, if you want to earn rewards with your Fantasy Kabaddi App knowledge then join Vision11 now. We are India’s no.1 reliable platform for playing fantasy games and also provide multiple chances to win mega contests that are worth the rewards of lakhs.

FAQ’s ?

Who is the captain of Puneri Paltan?

Aslam Inamdar is the captain of Puneri Paltan.

How to win more by playing fantasy kabaddi?

You must be aware of the players, the team’s overall performance, and live updates to make the most informed decisions to play fantasy Kabaddi.

How much can I win by playing fantasy Kabaddi on Vision11?

You can win up to 50 lakhs by playing fantasy Kabaddi on Vision11.

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